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"I'm grateful to everyone for your trust and kind words."


Client Reviews

Angela has a way of cutting through the nonsense and getting right down to the heart of the matter. She is an amazing listener and comes up with practical ways to solve problems.
— Alicia Finch, Sacramento, CA January 2016
I had no idea what life coaching was, had never heard of it. So when I heard [Angela] on an internet radio show one day it was like she was talking about me.. TO ME! I emailed her, we talked, and then began working the next week. She doesn’t beat around the bush with things though. She asks questions that really make you think, and she gives you the space and time to digest the hard stuff. I really appreciate what she’s done for me and I use what she’s taught me everyday.
— Mona Franklin-Hart, Camden, New Jersey November 2015
Where do I start?! [Angela] is just plain gifted. I’ve worked with two other coaches before over the years, and they were fine. However Angela was able to size up what was going on with me in two sessions, and immediately brought me into awareness quicker and in a way that the other two coaches weren’t able to do. She really heard me, what I was saying and not saying. Not only did she help me transition from being an older candidate to fully employed, but she also got my finances together! I just can’t say enough about her, and I’m so very thankful.
— Sharron Kyle, Richmond, CA August 2015
Angela helped both my older sister and I earlier this year. My sister needed help with her finances, and I needed help with everything, lol! I was feeling ‘stuck’ (as she says); unmotivated, not happy with my job, and just didn’t know what to do or where to turn, and I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I just knew I wasn’t happy. [Angela] asked lots of questions that helped me really identify what was going on, then we put an action plan together and she helped me work it; holding me accountable. She’s direct, firm, is willing to ask the difficult questions, but is loving and VERY funny. She really gives of herself.
— Lorraine Wilcox, Oakland, CA July 2015