All About Angela...

Angela is a Certified Professional Life Coach, motivational speaker, and change agent whose passion and sole focus is to teach girls, young adults, and women the "HOW" when it comes to creating the lives they want and deserve - particularly in the areas of personal finances, career development and transitions, relationship and communication skills. By helping you define what really matters, Angela will get you unstuck then help you identify, create, and accomplish the things you want and need to live the life you deserve. 

As a Personal, Career, Financial, and Life Skills Coach, Angela  helps  her clients clarify and achieve their goals leading to personal growth and a truly meaningful and authentic life. Although she works with everyone, her passion and focus is on women and girls heading into adulthood, challenging them to think differently about creating and living meaningful and authentic lives. Angela's straightforward and direct yet gentle approach, combined with her creativity and sense of humor makes coaching both challenging and fun!

Angela brings over 25 years of Human Resources, Business and Finance Consulting in corporate, small business start up, and non profit environments. Her depth and breadth of experience and knowledge base, along with intuitive insight into the human condition, is what sets her apart from other coaches and speakers.  

She is a powerful and thought provoking speaker with an amazing story and ability to empower all who experience her. Contact her for your keynote, workshop, or event today!